Understand the concept of Programming language

What is a Program?
How to store value (numbers, names) in computer memory?
How do we allocate a predefined amount of memory?
How to manipulate the value of a variable? (Java Operators)
                   Arithmetic Operator
                  The relationship Operators
                  Assignment Operators
                  Logical Operators
Increment and Decrement Operators
What is conditional statements?
What we have learned in this chapter?

To talk to a person, you need to learn a common language like
English, Spanish, etc.
Want to talk to a Computer?
You need to know some high level programming languages C ,
C++, Java, Python etc (Programming Languages)
Does computer understand English??
No! A computer does not understand English. We need a
programming language to talk to a computer. So, the first step

should be to learn a programming language. There are many
popular programming languages (Ruby, Java, Python etc)
We will start with Java.
Remember every language has its own set of rules. In this book we
will learn about Java and its rules to write programs.
Understand the concept of Programming language
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