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The final project is divided into 3 parts.
Part 1:Create Project, Package, Class
Part 2: Design Graphic User Interface for our Calculator using AWT
and Swing Packages (Graphic User Interface)
Part 3: Implement ActionListener to perform addition when user
clicks on Add button

Before we begin, I want to answer an important question that may
be coming to your mind right now.
“What I have learned so far that I can build the above calculator to
add two numbers?”
Here is the primary important things you have already done which
are the essential skills required to build the above calculator.

Now to answer the second important question, which is most likely
to come to your mind next.
“What I still need to learn to build the above Calculator?”
We are going to use some existing Packages (known as Abstract
Window Toolkit - AWT), I will walk you through some of the AWT
package implementation as we build the application.